• Recruiting 900+ AP players
  • End Content Farm
  • 4 Skybreak Spire groups
  • Unique Skybreak Spire points system



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Required classes

   Assassin              -  closed​​ ​​                 Kungfu Master     -  open​​

   Blade Dancer   -  closed​                  Soul Fighter           -  open0

   Blade Master   -   closed                  Summoner              -  open​ 

   Destroyer          -   closed                   Warlock                   -  open

   Force Master   -  closed


There's been a lot of word recently about XML editting global skill cooldowns for higher DPS. This is not bannable as it makes skills more responsive for users with higher ping. Below is a step to step guide to successfully XML edit:

1) Download BNS Buddy (this will replace the game launcher):

2) Place it wherever you want. Right click the program and Run as Administrator.

3) Click the Dat Editor tab and from the drop down menu select xml64.dat. Press the Decompile button. This will take some time to extract.

4) Under the new menu select client.config2.xml. Click inside the editor on the right and press Ctrl+F (this will bring up the find box). Type in Global and search. You should find something called 

5) Change the 100 to 250. Press the Compile button next to where you pressed Decompile. Again, this will take even longer to put the new .dat file together.

6) Next, go to your game folder (usually \NCSoft\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\data) and open the editing folder. Inside will be your new xml64.dat that you compiled. Copy this and overwrite the original one in the \data folder.

7) Now you are ready to play the game. You must use BNS Buddy to launch the game every time as the default launcher will repair the xml64.dat back to the original. Press the 'Play!' button in the bottom right corner on the home screen of BNS Buddy.