• Recruiting 900+ AP players
  • End Content Farm
  • 4 Skybreak Spire groups
  • Unique Skybreak Spire points system



BT Run Sales

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Required classes

   Assassin              -  closed​​ ​​                 Kungfu Master     -  open​​

   Blade Dancer   -  closed​                  Soul Fighter           -  open0

   Blade Master   -   closed                  Summoner              -  open​ 

   Destroyer          -   closed                   Warlock                   -  open

   Force Master   -  closed

BT Run Sales

Chrono has fantastic opportunities if you are a player outside of the clan looking for BT carry runs. We offer some of the best value for your gold and have some exciting prospects should you be looking to purchase BT carry runs.

Here's a few reasons you should consider Chrono:

 • We have 4 raids, all capable of finishing the four BT bosses. This means there is plenty of space to allocate you in a raid that will optomise your chances of dropping the items you need.

 • Raids are usually completed on average within an hour - spend less time wiping with other clans and get straight to the loot with Chrono.

 • We are a highly organised, professional clan that utilises the latest strategies only available to those clans with many max-geared players.

 • We have a unique pricing scheme so you'll be paying only for the loot that you need. No more wasting gold going on runs that give you nothing.

Please join our direct BT sales discord to find out more. To access the chat please leave a message in guest chat and we will give you permissions.
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Available places for BT carry runs vary from week to week. We have raids on Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Prices are:

Entry - Free (with deposit, info below)
Chokma mat - 1,500g
Accessory - 2,000g
Soul shields -
Piece 1/2 100g, Piece 3/4 150g, Piece 5/6 200g, Piece 7/8 250g

Almost everything is for sale with the exception where a clan member has priority if they lack the gear. Sales will be agreed upon before the start of the run.

Entry is free however, we take a deposit based on what you require. For example, Accessory is 2,000 gold. We will ask for 500g as a deposit every time you run with us that will decrease the overall price of the accessory when it drops. So, say you run with us 4 times, each run we will take 500g as a deposit. By the 3rd run when the mat drops you will have paid a total of 1,500g as a deposit. This means you only have to pay 500g for the accessory as your deposit lowered the total price. Deposits are non-refundable.

If you are unlucky and the item has not dropped by the time your deposit has paid for your item in full you will be 'overcharged'. This means that the item will remain free for you but you will be charged 500g as an entry fee for every subsequent run.